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None of the Above

15 Mar 2019 9:14 AM | Peter Andrews (Administrator)

Imagine the scene…

It’s Thursday May 2nd, 2019. 

You’re standing in the polling booth studying the options: who are you going to vote for as your local Councillor?

As your eyes run down the list of political parties offering their candidates, your mind turns to the bizarre goings on in Westminster over the last few weeks/months/years.

You ask yourself – ‘how can I vote for any of the parties who’ve made such a mess of this country?’ Or more importantly, ‘why should I vote for them?’ As John Cleese demands to know (in Life Of Brian) – “What have they ever done for us?”

But wait – before you tear up your ballot paper and go home in a sulk – there is an option that doesn’t involve voting for a national party.

BIG – Bath & N E Somerset Independent Group – is fielding candidates all over BANES. People who don’t belong to a national party, and represent local views. You can see one of them, Jess Milton tell you why here

Yes – you can vote for BIG and not feel squeamish.

And if you have to vote for your traditional party (old habits die hard), then remember you have (in most wards) 2 votes. So you can vote for BIG and still give another vote to the national party of your choice – except of course in Bathavon North where they are 2 wonderful candidates and so you’ll want to vote for both of them.

BIG is registered with The Electoral Commission as a political party in Great Britain, registration number PP6744. We are funded entirely by subscriptions and donations from individual supporters below the amount reportable to the Electoral Commission.  We do not accept corporate donations. Privacy Policy

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